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3rd Party Interfaces

Silicon Software offers various 3rd party interfaces for easy programming and configuration of frame grabbers:

Interface to NI LabView

The Silicon Software interface to NI Labview allows to access and control Silicon software frame grabber boards directly via the NI LabView GUI. Supported are all Silicon Software frame grabber boards on the market. The interface has been reviesed and offers the function call *.vi files now directly. No wrapper is included. The interface covers all basic function calls. If you need additional function calls, you can most easily extend the interface by ourself adding new *vi files. See our documentation of the interface to NI LabView.

Adapter to Cognex VisionPro Version 3 New!

The Silicon Software adapter to Cognex VisionPro is a supporting tool for the integration of Silicon Software frame grabbers and runtime software environment into Cognex’ VisionPro software package. It maps the Silicon Software runtime SDK into according interfaces which are needed for the direct integration into VisionPro. The Silicon Software Cognex VisionPro adapter version 3 supports all frame grabbers available from Silicon Software. This includes microEnable IV frame grabbers as well as microEnable 5 marathon, microEnable 5 ironman, and LightBridge frame grabbers.
See our documentation of the interface to Cognex VisionPro.*

NVIDIA® GPUDirect™ for Video New!

Silicon Software supports NVIDIA® GPUDirect™ for Video technology. You can access and control the use of NVIDIA® GPUDirect™ for Video technology via the Silicon Software SDK. NVIDIA® GPUDirect™ for Video is tailored for systems that use an NVIDIA graphics processing unit (GPU). The technology allows to efficiently transfer video frames into NVIDIA GPU memory at low latencies. It gives you full control to stream video into the GPU at sub-frame transfer times.
See our documentation of the interface to NVIDIA® GPUDirect™ for Video technology.

Halcon Interface

If you are not using GenTL, you can use the Image Acquisition Interface for Silicon Software Boards offered by MVTec. Starting with Revision 6.7, the interface also supports the frame grabbers of the marathon product family. See Halcon Interface Release Notes on the MVTec Website.

CVB (Stemmer)

CVB (Common Vision Blox) by Stemmer Imaging supports all CXP and Camera Link frame grabbers of the microEnable 5 marathon series. See Common Vision Blox.


*If you still use the Silicon Software adapter to Cognex VisionPro in version 2, please refer to the Version 2 Documentation: Silicon Software adapter to Cognex VisionPro.

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