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Application Notes

AN1701 - Enabling PoCL Detection Feature on microEnable 5 marathon ACL/VCL and LightBridge 2 VCL Document


This application note shows how to enable/disable PoCL detection on microEnable 5 marathon ACL/VCL and LightBridge 2 VCL.

If you want to use

- applets out of applet set 2.0 or higher, or

- applets built with VisualApplets 3.0.6 or higher

together with Power over Camera Link (PoCL) on microEnable 5 marathon ACL/VCL or LightBridge 2 VCL, you need to enable PoCL detection.

SAN006 - Shading and Fixed Pattern Noise Correction Document


With shading and fixed pattern noise you can solve three different problems of the image acquisition. This application note describes in a short form how

- defective pixel of the sensor can be detected and corrected,

- the offset of black pixels can be eleminated,

- irregular illumination ratio can be corrected by calculation

and how it is done with the software microDisplay and with the Silicon Software SDK.

SAN014 - High Performance Image Acquisition Document


In this application note, the DMA engine of the Silicon Software frame grabber series microEnable-IV will be explained. First, a functional description of the data transfer methods as well as the acquisition modes will be presented.

Finally the document comprises a short overview on the interface models available and the user interfaces.

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