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The Silicon Software Live Documentation guides you through the world of Silicon Software frame grabber products. You get complete information on all aspects of usage - from installing frame grabbers and software to first acquisition checks to advanced image processing.

Described are all frame grabber series and models available at Silicon Software, together with their hardware and software extensions, their specific functionalities and all image processing options.

Silicon Software frame grabbers are based on FPGA technology. Using these frame grabbers, you can very easily adapt your machine vision system to the requirements of an individual use case by (re-)configuring the FPGA on the frame grabber.

For configuring the FPGA, a wide range of Applets is available: For area or line scan cameras, gray or color processing, or special functions like real-time Bayer demosaicing or 2D shading correction. Additional Applets can be designed by the visual programming tool VisualApplets to implement a highly individual image processing chain on the frame grabber.

To allow you to select and combine the functions you need for your specific image processing task is the central concept of Silicon Software products. You find it realized in the software interface of our frame grabbers: It is enough to simply select the Applet containing the required acquisition and image processing functionality, and to load it onto the grabber. Learn more about Applets.

The Runtime Software Package contains:

  • Device Driver
    There is one mE IV device driver supporting all microEnable IV frame grabber boards (Camera Link, LVDS, and GigE Vision based), and one mE 5 device driver supporting all LightBridge and microEnable 5 frame grabber boards (Camera Link, CoaXPress, and Camera Link HS based).

  • Tools:
    • microDiagnostics: Tool for running system and performance tests (supporting all Silicon Software frame grabbers), for flashing applets onto mE 5 and LightBridge frame grabbers, and for flashing firmware onto mE IV frame grabbers

    • microDisplay: Tool for configuring applets and for acquiring and displaying images with the frame grabber (supporting all Silicon Software frame grabbers), as well as for loading applets onto mE IV frame grabbers

    • GenICam Explorer: Vendor-independent tool for controlling and configuring GenICam compatible cameras (GigE Vision, CoaXPress, and CLHS) that are connected to a Silicon Software frame grabber

  • Software Development Kit (suppporting all Silicon Software frame grabbers)
    With the Software Development Kit (SDK), you are able to develop your own C/C++, C#, or Phyton applications in order to exploit the frame grabber's functionality to its full extend.
    In addition to the general functions, the SDK integrates specific functions for the microEnable IV GigE Vision Series, the microEnable 5 CoaXPress Series, and the microEnable 5 CLHS Series.

  • SDK Examples

  • Documentation

  • Acquisition Applets for microEnable 5 frame grabbers (alternatively available as separate, frame-grabber-specific applet installers)

  • Advanced Acquisition Applets for microEnable IV frame grabbers (alternatively available as separate, frame-grabber-specific applet installers)

  • Acquisition Applets for microEnable IV frame grabbers

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