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If you wish to get regularly informend about technical product news please feel free to send an email to with the subject "Product Info".
Additionally we provide for technical questions and statements a support form.


Company: *1
Last Name: *1
First name:
Email address: *1

PC system

Mainboard manufacturer and model:

Processor manufacturer:

Processor model and tact rate:

Main memory:


Disk memory:


PCI system:

Operating system *2
Windows XP:
Windows Vista:
Windows 7:
Windows 8:
Service Pack: *1
Linux distribution:
Compiler version:
Kernel version : *1
No high mem
high mem (4 GB)
high mem (64 GB)

No SMP (single processor)
SMP (multiprocessor or multithreading)

RT version (patch):
QNXTM version:
Other operating system:


Main product *1:

Second product:

Serial number of main product:
Serial number of second product:
Number of main product:
Number of second product:

Other product:

Loaned product
Purchased product

Image processing system

Camera manufacturer and model: *1
Number of cameras:
Number of taps:

Type of Interface *3
GigE Vision
Other interface:

Performance Camera Link Class *4 Performance CoaXPress Class
Base Configuration CXP-1
Medium Configuration CXP-2
Full/64bit Configuration CXP-3
Deca/80bit Configuration

Performance GigE Vision Class Performance LVDS Class
Single line GigE Vision Bits/Bitdepth:
LAG/Dual Link/two-line GigE Vision

Type of Camera *6 Type of Sensor *5
Line-scan camera Gray scale camera
Area-scan camera RGB camera
Bayer camera

Hardware diagnostics (up to version 2.4.3d)
Please mark the shown faults!

Access to PLD Access to FPGA
Read EEPROM Access to RAM
FPGA programmable License
Clock tests Device driver

DMA read: MBytes/sec.

Hardware diagnostic (since version 3.0.0)
Please mark the shown faults!

EEPROM SDRAM write (port A)
PLD SDRAM write (port B)
FPGA programming SDRAM read (port A)
Register access SDRAM read (port B)
Clock test

Performance: MBytes/sec.


Kind of software:


Software version:


Short, but detailed error description *1

Please fill in the marked fields:
*1 These fields are mandatory
*2 *3 *4 *5 *6 At least one of the fields has to be selected

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