Applet Protection for VisualApplets microEnable V-Series

Applet protection is a safety mechanism to run custom-specific hardware applets (HAP files) only on accordingly tagged frame grabbers. It warrants that the intellectual property (IP) of a VisualApplets application (HAP file) can’t be used on any Silicon Software frame grabber or third party hardware.

Procedure and Handling of the Applet Protection

1. Unique security tag (security ID)

The applet protection mechanism is based on the provision of a unique, custom specific security tag. A security tag is well-defined. Each individual tag is assigned only to one single customer.

2. Tool for safety labeling of HAP files

The applet protection covers a tool, which allows marking a HAP file with a unique, custom-specific security tag.

3. Usage of tagged frame grabbers
Protected HAP files can only be run on frame grabbers with an according applet protection ID.

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