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SAN011 - Blob Analysis Operators/Object Detection on FPGA hardware


This Application note exemplary explains Visual Applets Blob Analysis designs. The reader learns how to use the Blob Analysis operators in combination with other operators in Visual Applets. The examples use the Blob Analysis operators for basic object detection and classification inside the FPGA. A line applet shows the use of the Blob Analysis 1D operator. Furthermore, C++ SDK projects for the given examples are available. They allow an understanding of the interpretation of Blob Analysis results on PC side.

SUG012 - Using Blob Analysis Operators/Object Detection on FPGA hardware Document


Including object detection possibilities into Visual Applets, Silicon Software allows an extensive range of image processing applications at highest speed grades in FPGA hardware. Using the Blob Analysis operators, complete image processing applications including pre-processing, image analysis and classifications can be realized in hardware. The Blob Analysis is a fundamental method for detecting objects using connected components in binary images and is strongly used in machine vision applications. This user guide explaines the functional background and the use of the operators.

SAN013 - JPEG Compression Document


The application note explains the use of the Silicon Software JPEG compression operator. The document gives information about the functionality of the operators. Using a Visual Applets design, a JPEG compression application is shown. A SDK project is presented which generates JPEG data files.

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